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Zynex (demo version2) Zynex (demo version2)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm impressed!

I love the 3D feel to this game. I also love the ease of use of the weapon... great auto fire, great reload feature, great controls. Great idea of pressing shift to move, rather than having to click or something. Nice power-ups, nice ability to manipulate backgrounds (like blowing up coke machine, boxes, etc). Good enemies, and I like the way they move and shoot.

It's also reasonably difficult, but not too much. It's a really fun game, and I can see this being a FANTASTIC game if you make the full version. You've got feedback now, so DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MORE DEMOS. Seriously, I need to see the full game. It's itching me now, and I can imagine that as long as you put effort into it, and keep working for a couple of months or so, you can make this a full version. I'd ideally like to see a long game with multiple types of enemies, and weapons - but just do your best to produce whatever you can.

This is a great game idea.

Powerfox V.2 Powerfox V.2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This was a pretty fun game, I liked the smoothness of the movement controls. However it was very, very easy.

I know you'll probably say that people were moaning about it being very hard before, so you changed it to please... unfortunately working with Flash is one of those things where the line between hard and easy is very very fine... I myself have had huge problems trying to find a forumlated balance with my games, it's more trial and error than anything.

It was also very short - I know you say you're going to make more, and you probably had no idea you'd get to front page with this unfinished work, but you did and obviously I have to judge it on that basis. I got into the game by the 2nd level, unfortunately there was no 3rd. I liked the weapons though, and the time-bar for them was a great idea. Also the colour scheme was appealing, but the graphics weren't as great as they could have perhaps been.

Either way, it was a fun game, and I enjoyed it, I'm giving it a 3 myself.

Azfdthahdfh Azfdthahdfh

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent Idea!

I liked the idea of diffusing Bomberman's bombs, and you did it relatively well. It was fun to play to an extent, and it worked! However it wasn't as good a game as it could have been - you should perhaps have made each bomb have a timer - longer than in Bomberman, but still short enough to provide a challange... maybe each bomb could have a different time, meaning you have to plan your route according to the most urgent.

Also, you should have included powerups, or if not - you should have made different types of tools for different types of bombs. And perhaps if you REALLY wanted to make it interesting, you could have levels where you actually see Bomberman planting the bombs, and you have to diffuse his bombs and trap him...

Well those are just random suggestions - you could basically think of a lot more things yourself I'm sure... so I do hope you improve on this idea. It is a good one!

LordoftheDark responds:

well... you've got very good idea's but i think i'll need very very muchg time to do that, but a timer is a good idea. tnx, i wish all people would review like you

Muay Thai V. 2.0 Muay Thai V. 2.0

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Please, can you make a sequel?? With a ring arena, and a clinch function - yes I was the guy who bugged you for those ideas before but I really want to see it. I love Muay Thai, and everythign about it - and I'm a huge fan of it... but without clinchwork and elbows, you've just got kickboxing, really... and that's not what Muay Thai is really about.

Maybe you could add an extra button that when pressed in close proximity, gets into one of a few types of clinches (which both of you can get in and out of), and another button delivers knees... you've already said that elbows won't work, and that's fair enough - but just clinch. Pleeeease?

I love your work anyway, and it really is great to see games and things on NG that celebrate the art of thaiboxing.

MuayThai MuayThai

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Being a huge fan of Muay Thai but never seeing anything of its kind on NG, you can imagine how pleased I was to see this. This game was great: fun, interactive, interesting, challanging (I never managed to complete it!)

I would have preferred some traditional thai music in this game though, and maybe an option to fight within a ring. Also - I know it must be hard for you to include EVERY thai technique since obviously there are so many, but I wished there was at least there was a front teep pushkick, a sidekick, maybe one or two elbows. Without elbows and those kicks, it's barely Muay Thai.

Maybe even a clinch-mode would have made this game better! But it was still a great game - I hope you follow it up with a sequal!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good for it's time.

I remember playing this a while back - it's a fantastic game, a fantastic concept, however you made it 5 years ago when resources were limited- no doubt it was probably a pre-Flash 4 version even! Nowadays it does show, however this was a game before it's time. I think even at current standards it deserves a place on the portal by far, since it's a far better submission than most others. However I don't think that in 2004, it is classed as an elite submission.

You should make more Flash stuff Tom - now your high-and-mightly moneymaking has taken you far, I understand why you don't. But you must miss screwing around with Flash for the hell of it sometimes! :(

Pimp My Piece v1.0 Pimp My Piece v1.0

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I'm no fan of interactive "dressups" or things, even the fantastic Drag-racer thing, as much as I appreciated from a design perspective, I never really fully appreciated or enjoyed. It was a great Flash, but I'm easily bored...

However this was nice. It had a bit of humour, some nice artwork and a great feeling, obviously from someone who has decent talent as a Flash artist. Your presence on NG (by me at least) is appreciated, and don't let the pre-adolescent, sexuality-confused pratts put you off... Good work.

DanCurtis responds:

pre-adolescent, sexuality-confused pratts, I like that, thanks bazz.
Dan Curtis

Lone Faction Lone Faction

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Ok, not the best game I've ever played, but a bloody good game indeed, and it comes close! I would love to be able to make a game that comes anywhere close to level with this one, this is some fine work and some fantastic smooth programming, it's playable and great fun... perhaps a level system wouldn't go a miss, I only played it once but if I wanted to play again it'd be frustrating to get back to where I finished... but either way, this is excellent!

Killing Civilians Killing Civilians

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This was thrown together, using a .fla example file (possibly directly cut and pasted) with some scrappy artwork thrown in, without care taken to ensure lines don't randomly overlap buildings for example.

The gameplay wasn't fun - it was boring and tedious... work on this idea, and make the intro more effective.

Tuxi Tuxi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


This was a bit buggy, but nothing extremely major, it was relatively smooth though I'd like the movement to be faster and smoother with the character...

but it was fun! I enjoyed the game! That's something rare on NG... I hope you do more with this engine, maybe you could develop a Metal-gear-solid-type game, i.e. with weapons and storymode/atmosphere... keep it up!