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Vengeance DVD Vengeance DVD

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The sound let this down.

You used so many tracks in this piece, it let it down. In flash, sound is important. Sometimes, some Flash work is excellent without any sound at all, because it fits the mood. But if you ARE going to use sound and music, it HAS to convey a message. It has to have a specific purpose.

Evanescence? Come on - this didn't have much baring on the first scene. I love the movie - it's an example of deep thought, hard work, and good graphics - the animation is a little too throw-together to compliment that much, but even that wasn't that bad. The thorn in your movie's side was the music. If you used specific pieces of music for certain parts, and backed it up with creative uses of sound effects, it would have been a lot better. The movie had potential to feel EPIC, but it didn't to me.

I liked your "storyline" too, for want of a better word. It's a nice, and semi-realistic idea. I don't want to get into the politics of this one, as a review isn't the best place to do so. But either way, I liked it. Good job, next time just work on the music.

Safe Sex? Safe Sex?

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Good ideas. Now for the problems:

- The sound was bad. As you say, "it makes it funny"... which is true, but even so, you could have made the sound quality better. Also, the voice was more annoying than funny - in the "grinding my brain down" way.

- Humour wasn't spectacular. I didn't even break into a smirk.

- Graphics were bad. Simple as. It wasn't funny-bad. It wasn't fittingly-bad. It was just bad, and the animation could have been improved, at no sacrafice to what you tried to achieve.

When I read your author's comments, I seriously cringed. I mean, telling people that your sound is bad, your graphics are bad, your movie is bad, but that's what makes your movie good, is JUST ASKING FOR TROUBLE. It's a stupid thing to say. "Oh yeah, I made my movie shit to be funny".

Seriously, just accept that your graphics need improving. That's all I ask. I don't know why or how this got on the front page, but it's an okay-movie I guess.

-Where it Ends- -Where it Ends-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was a fantastic Claymation. It was so crisp and professional in the way it was done - even down to the subtleties like the teeth of one of the men as he pulls his mask off. The only things I'd address that I found problems with was:

1) The music. I didn't like the music, nor did I think it was very fitting. Perhaps if you put some sort of supercharged action piece to fit in... I know you were probably going for a classic grinding gang song, but I feel with the amount of action occurring, something a bit more fitting would have done wonders. The music is a huge part of the feel of a movie.

2) Sound effects. Not too much, and not overdone - but a few more explosion sounds, bone-breaks, that sort of thing would liven it up. It might contradict the style you were aiming for but in my opinion it'd make it better.

3) Animation - the real-time fire you used seems to clash with the claymation feel. I'm not saying scrap it altogether, but something needs to be done I feel. The rest of your piece is seamless, so having this big thread sticking out kind of ruins it.

Other than that, there isn't any improvements I can think of. I thorougly enjoyed this piece - the characters were sound and it's amazing how much attention to detail you have had. And hey, I like KNOX's work and thought THAT was good... seeing this has opened my eyes to what claymation can actually achieve.

Well done.

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Zynex (demo version2) Zynex (demo version2)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'm impressed!

I love the 3D feel to this game. I also love the ease of use of the weapon... great auto fire, great reload feature, great controls. Great idea of pressing shift to move, rather than having to click or something. Nice power-ups, nice ability to manipulate backgrounds (like blowing up coke machine, boxes, etc). Good enemies, and I like the way they move and shoot.

It's also reasonably difficult, but not too much. It's a really fun game, and I can see this being a FANTASTIC game if you make the full version. You've got feedback now, so DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MORE DEMOS. Seriously, I need to see the full game. It's itching me now, and I can imagine that as long as you put effort into it, and keep working for a couple of months or so, you can make this a full version. I'd ideally like to see a long game with multiple types of enemies, and weapons - but just do your best to produce whatever you can.

This is a great game idea.

Powerfox V.2 Powerfox V.2

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This was a pretty fun game, I liked the smoothness of the movement controls. However it was very, very easy.

I know you'll probably say that people were moaning about it being very hard before, so you changed it to please... unfortunately working with Flash is one of those things where the line between hard and easy is very very fine... I myself have had huge problems trying to find a forumlated balance with my games, it's more trial and error than anything.

It was also very short - I know you say you're going to make more, and you probably had no idea you'd get to front page with this unfinished work, but you did and obviously I have to judge it on that basis. I got into the game by the 2nd level, unfortunately there was no 3rd. I liked the weapons though, and the time-bar for them was a great idea. Also the colour scheme was appealing, but the graphics weren't as great as they could have perhaps been.

Either way, it was a fun game, and I enjoyed it, I'm giving it a 3 myself.

Azfdthahdfh Azfdthahdfh

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent Idea!

I liked the idea of diffusing Bomberman's bombs, and you did it relatively well. It was fun to play to an extent, and it worked! However it wasn't as good a game as it could have been - you should perhaps have made each bomb have a timer - longer than in Bomberman, but still short enough to provide a challange... maybe each bomb could have a different time, meaning you have to plan your route according to the most urgent.

Also, you should have included powerups, or if not - you should have made different types of tools for different types of bombs. And perhaps if you REALLY wanted to make it interesting, you could have levels where you actually see Bomberman planting the bombs, and you have to diffuse his bombs and trap him...

Well those are just random suggestions - you could basically think of a lot more things yourself I'm sure... so I do hope you improve on this idea. It is a good one!

LordoftheDark responds:

well... you've got very good idea's but i think i'll need very very muchg time to do that, but a timer is a good idea. tnx, i wish all people would review like you